Action A2. Operation Plan for wetland vegetation management in 2018

The Operational Plan for 2018 was completed following the “Guideline document for wetland vegetation management in Lake Lesser Prespa 2018 – 2021”. The Operational Plan includes a 10-year assessment of wetland management activities implemented in Lake Lesser Prespa and incorporates relevant recommendations on vegetation dynamics, as well as climate change adaptation, taking into account biodiversity and social needs. The Operation Plan follows a step-by-step adaptive management approach and will be revised and enhanced annually based on the implementation of the previous year’s management activities the recommendations of the Wetland Management Committee and the Management Body of the Prespa National Park. The Operation Plan for 2018 included: i) a review of the management activities in the littoral zone of Lesser Prespa during the last decade, ii) the aims and objectives of wetland vegetation management, iii) the approach and methodology to be followed, iv) the mapping of the management units (both the areas to be managed in the framework of the project and the ones already managed by the local stakeholders) in the project area, v) a description of the necessary equipment and, vi) the main conclusions and recommendations. Additionally, the OP prioritized the management units for 2018 and defined the management methods and the surface area for each unit to be managed under Action C1.  Subsequent annual operational plans will be based on the recommendations of this document and will specify annual targets.