Action C2. Management of drainage ditches (1st Technical Report)

Drainage ditch management is undertaken to reduce the risk of fires spreading into the reedbed and threatening important waterbird colonies. Appropriate environmental management of drainage ditches is expected to reduce fire events and could contribute to more effective drainage of farming land. The first period management was scheduled for February 2019, at the lower parts of four selected drainage ditches with a total length of 1500 m, where the drainage ditches join the reedbed. An amphibian cutting machine would be used for the management. Nevertheless, in February and March 2019 massive fires (more than 20 fire events that burnt around 300 ha) did not allow for the scheduled works to take place.

For the upcoming period of 2019-2020 the time schedule will be adjusted and the drainage ditch cuttings are expected to take place between November 2019 and February 2020. The SPP will collaborate with the Management Body of the Prespa National Park and the Local Land Reclamation Service for the optimal implementation of the management and will make all necessary arrangements with the farmers in the adjacent areas.

Action C2: Management of drainage ditches (1st Technical Report)