Action C3. Restoration of function of stream mouths (1st Technical Report)

The restoration of the function of stream mouths involves the restoration of the flow and the management of vegetation in the mouths of two stream mouths of the watershed of Lake Lesser Prespa, in particular Mikrolimni stream and Lefkona stream. The main aim of the conservation management activities is to restore the spawning grounds of rheophilous fish species and subsequently two feeding sites of high quality and importance for the target fish-eating bird species. This report covers all interventions undertaken in autumn/ winter 2018 and winter/spring 2019. More specifically, in Mikrolimni stream mouth one flow tube was replaced with a new larger one, in order to improve the flow and ensure the passage of fish upstream for their spawning. Additionally, interventions for the removal of vegetation were carried out from November 2018 until April 2019 in both Mikrolimni and Lefkonas stream mouths. The management of vegetation allowed the unobstructed flow of water within both streams during the critical period of fish spawning. However, the fires of early 2019 had a negative effect, as the helophyte vegetation growth was enhanced. Therefore, in order to halt this re-emergence of helophyte vegetation within the stream banks, it will be necessary to implement again vegetation management activities in autumn 2019 and 2020.

Action C3. Restoration of function of stream mouths (Technical Report)