Benefits for the Local Community

The core aim of the project includes an integrated approach of the ecosystem with interventions that will benefit both nature and man.  Apart from the expected positive impact on nature and the 9 target species specifically, the implementation of the conservation actions is expected to benefit the local community. More specifically:

1) the improvement of fish spawning areas will have a positive effect on the fishery sector,

2) the clearing up of the draining ditches are expected to benefit farming, by improving the draining of the cultivated fields. Furthermore the farmers of the area, are expected to benefit from the use of the reed biomass as soil conditioner for their fields,

3) the promotion of the area as an ideal destination for birdwatching in combination with the production of relevant information material is expected to benefit the sector of eco-tourism and

4) the connection with the youth through activities of environmental education, in and out of school, is expected to improve their knowledge of their area and the optimal use of natural resources for the benefit of nature and the local economy. On the parallel, the interactive character of the actions will strengthen the active participation of the young generation in subjects that are connected with the exposure of the area, while it will also enhance their extroversion.

5) benefits for livestock farming