Cookies Usage

By using our website, you should determine what kind of cookies you give us your consent to use. Visiting the home page of our website, you receive a related message about the use of cookies and the option to deactivate them or not.

Cookiesare, in plain language, small pieces of a code that register your moves during your navigation of our website and are divided into:

 Cookiesthat are necessary for the identification and/or preservation of the content the subscriber or the user submits in a session on our website throughout the entire session; for example, during the filling in of an electronic form by the user, or for the submission of the user's purchases in an electronic shop (e.g. by clicking add to cart). Persistent” “cookiesare also in the same category; they are installed for the same purpose and run for a few hours.

Cookieswith media content, such as flash player cookies, during a session on the website. Such cookies” are those installed when a video is shown on the website that the user has visited.

 Cookiesthat are necessary to carry out load balancing techniques during a connection to a website on the internet.

 Cookiesthat rememberthe choices of the subscriber or the user regarding the display of the page (e.g. cookiesthat relate to the language settings of the page or the display of the search results in a website).

Cookiesthat are installed for the purpose of web analytics.