Reedbed management has started

Reedbed management has startedThe most important action of the LIFE Prespa Waterbirds project has begun! The SPP field team, equipped with the appropriate machinery, started the management of the reedbed of Lesser Prespa Lake.

15 Oct 2018

Presplorers’ autumn activities kicked off

Presplorers’ autumn activities kicked offPresplorers’ autumn activities began with a photography competition.Children and teenagers photographed Prespa, wrote a Haiku to go with their photos and were rewarded for their creativity

02 Oct 2018

We're monitoring the reedbeds

We're monitoring the reedbedsTour du Valat researchers are working in the reedbeds of Lake Lesser Prespa, and more specifically in the areas where vegetation management will take place this year. The establishment of a sampling network that will be monitored from now on will contribute to assessing the effects of the management actions on the vegetation structure and plant diversity.

23 Jul 2018

Cooperation Meeting

Water and reedbed management issues were the focus of the networking visit by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) implementing LIFE11 NAT/BG/000362, to the LIFE Prespa Waterbirds team in Prespa.

11 Jul 2018

Shooting for the documentary "The LIFE of Birds in Prespa" has begun.

Shooting for the documentary Shooting for the documentary "The Life of Birds in Prespa" has begun. The director, Francisco Marquez, has already started filming some of the project activities and taking photos of the nine species.

29 Jun 2018

Studying the behaviour of reeds

Studying the behaviour of reedsMonitoring of the experimental plots, which were established last year within the framework of Prespa Waterbirds, has started. The results will serve as guidelines for the active management of the reedbeds, while they will contribute to the ecological assessment of the changes that have been observed in the reedbeds of Lake Lesser Prespa in recent years.

26 Jun 2018

Environmental Education_ World Migratory Bird Day

Environmental Education_ World Migratory Bird DayThe second day of environmental education was implemented in the primary school of Agios Germanos and was about the World Migratory Bird Day

30 May 2018

The leaflet of the project has been published

The leaflet of the project has been publishedThe leaflet includes general information about the project, the conservation actions and the benefits for the local community and economy

07 May 2018

Environmental Education_ World Wildlife Day

Environmental Education_ World Wildlife DayThe environmental education program about the World Wildlife Day, was implimented in the primary school of Agios Germanos

26 Apr 2018

First meeting of the Transboundary Wetland Management Committee

First meeting of the Transboundary Wetland Management Committee Yesterday, the first meeting of the Transboundary Wetland Management Committee took place at the Society for the Protection of Prespa, in Laimos.

28 Mar 2018

Photography seminar with the Presplorers

Photography seminar with the Presplorers A photography seminar was held at the Municipal Library of Prespa, and was about nature photography and its techniques.

02 Dec 2017

‘Presplorers’ action!

‘Presplorers’ action!The ‘Presplorers’ club came together for its third meeting recently, with Krina once again the starting point. Through pictures, conversations and questions the children got to know the project’s nine waterbirds much better. Other subjects were also discussed while walking the path around Agios Achilleios Island, such as the management actions that will be carried out in the reedbeds, placing particular emphasis on the importance of protecting this special ecosystem.

23 Sep 2017

Reedbed Management Meeting

The Society for the Protection of Prespa held a two-day internal meeting on the subject of the course to be taken with regard to reedbed management. The results of the preparatory studies were first discussed and then decisions were taken on the design and implementation of the associated management actions.

20 Sep 2017

Environmental Education

With telescopes and binoculars the..."Presplorers" met on top of Krina hill, observing and learning about the target waterbird species. On the way, they had the opportunity to learn about other species such as greylag geese, white storks, common kestrels, jackdaws and more…

01 Jul 2017

Recording plant species at the reedbeds

Recording plant species at the reedbedsPlant species assessment was carried out in the inner part of the reed bed and the highest number of observations of species were recorded in sights with shallower water.

20 Jun 2017

Assessment of amphibians

Assessment of amphibiansActions for the assessment of amphibians at the reedbeds around Lesser Prespa will be conducted through out the week

20 Jun 2017

Environmental Education

Environmental EducationΤhe activities began with a cycling excursion at the Agios Germanos River mouth for nature exploration and photography!

27 May 2017

Arrival - Departure

Arrival - Departure The number of the breeding pairs of waterbirds is estimated by monitoring their arrival and departure in the colony.

11 May 2017

Assessment of the habitat use of the target species

The assessment of the habitat use of the target species and other waterbirds started on April and will be conducted until June, systematically.

05 Apr 2017

First Meeting of the Steering Committee of the LIFE project

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to advise and support the Coordinating Beneficiary of the project, about the conservation and monitoring actions that will be implemented through the project.

16 Mar 2017

Field work for the assessment of the dynamics of the wetland vegetation has began!

Assessment of past changes and present situation in the dominant species (Phragmites australis/Typha angustifolia) in reedbeds

20 Dec 2016

Meeting of the wetland vegetation advisory group

The wetland vegetation advisory group will define the specifications of the targeted surveys and management activities and provide guidance to the guidelines editing team.

15 Dec 2016